Presenting in english

Who should attend: Russian business people who speak English at the Intermediate or higher level and who feel that there style of information exchange needs refinement.

History: We are pleased to announce specialized language course “PRESENTING IN ENGLISH”. Based on the latest research into business communications, this course analyzes what makes a speaker sound dynamic and enthusiastic. The remainder of the course focuses on:

Voice and Delivery As presenter, the ability to pace your speech and use your voice to create impact is the single most important skill you need. You will be more effective if you are in control of you voice by your use of stress, pausing, intonation, volume, and silence.

Content Language you can’t give a good presentation unless you have something to say.  Presenting in English helps you to identify and organize all the key words and phrases you are likely to need and teaches you how to make simple visuals work for you.

Rhetorical Technique Once you are in charge of both your voice and your content you can start to think about how best to present your subject.

Question Handling Perhaps the most unpredictable past of presentation is question session. This may be after your talk or you may questions during it. Our tutor systematically teaches you how to field different types of question and deal effectively with the subject your audience may raise.

Without further delay, allow us to present the standard topics:

  1. Getting Started

How to make an immediate impact on your audience

  1. Exploiting Visuals

Now to use visual aids to maximum effect

  1. Using Your Voice

How to speak in public to create the effect you want, using techniques for highlighting, pausing and stressing

  1. Basic Techniques

Simple techniques to help you communicate your message to maximum effect

  1. Further Techniques

How to develop your public speaking style to impress and influence your   audience

  1. Key Language

The most important expressions to help you with the content of your presentation

  1. Handling Questions

How to deal with questions from the audience, both friendly and hostile.


Please note that these are the topics for our standard 60-hour program, which can be conducted as intensively as you like— up to 5 academic hours a day. Again, the aforementioned topics are just the beginning of what Lingva International has to offer you. Our trainers are capable of adapting their programs to your individual needs and may include your own materials (reports, memorandums, etc.) Although adapting programs requires more effort on our part, we have found that it tremendously increases the effectiveness of our programs.

If you have any questions or comments on this program, please feel free to call at +7 (812) 570 00 42.

Thank you for your interest.

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