The Business Course for Sales and Marketing

This course is aimed at intermediate students of English with special interest in the language of business.

If you are in business, the course will greatly improve your ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business situation. If you are a student of business, the course will develop the communication skills you need to succedd in business and enlarge your knowledge of the business wold. Everybody studing this course will become more fluent and confident in using the language of business and should increase their career prospects.


Unit Business topic Language areas
1. Responsibilities Talking about responsibilities at work Simple Present tense, adverbs of frequency;  job titles
2. Visitors Welcoming visitors

Cross-cultural understanding


Greeting and introductions; expressions of politeness. Small talk: keeping the conversation going
3. The business trip Arranging a trip Talking about future: Present Continuos tense, going to; will

Case study:The team-building  seminar: Make arrangements for  participants

Writing: E-mail

4. Advertising Discuss good and bad advertising practices Comparative forms
5. Organizing information Company image Simple Past and Past Perfect tenses.

Writing : Report

6.The negotiation Sales negotiation

“Know what you want”

“Getting what you can”

“Not getting what you don’t want”

First and Second conditionals

Case study: An interview with an expert on negotiating

7. The meeting The agenda Discussion techniques

Case study: An interview with an expert on presentations

8.Discussing figures Budgets and income statements Discussing figures

Reading a letter of  credit

9. The presentation Time management Giving presentations


10. Looking back, looking forward Discuss ideas about globalization Review of tenses



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