The Business Negotiations Course

The aim of this course is to assist employees in their business meetings & overall business negotiations: it utilizes hands-on applicable methods for taking students step by step through a number of phases of practical business negotiations in the English language. The course covers the «big four» areas of developing clear and successful negotiations: Language, Interaction, Style, and Cultural Differences.

This course consists of minimum of  40 academic hours of instruction.


Relationship Building


Part 1:

      Language — How to greet and introduce people

      Interaction — How to keep a conversation moving & interesting

      Style — What name to call people, how «personal» to be, how to create «persona»

      Cross-Cultural Differences — How to bridge the cultural gap

Part 2:    Agreeing Procedures

      Language — how to use language to check acceptance of objectives

      Interaction — How to create a correct climate for cooperation

      Style — How to make suggestions and statements that are more acceptable

      Cultural Differences — What may be the differences between some cultures

The Business Negotiations — Continued

Part 3: Exchanging Information: The Aim

      Language — How to ask the right questions

      Interaction — How to check understanding between parties

      Style — How to use your personal style to maintain cooperation

      Cultural Differences — How information may be seen differently

Part 4: Questioning & Getting Vital Answers

      Language — The art of getting information that you really need

      Interaction — Dealing with them and answering their questions

      Style — How not to put them on the spot with questions

      Cultural Differences — Being careful with what is asked & too direct questioning

Part 5: Bargaining & Bidding

      Language — How to put forward proposals, offers, and conditions

      Interaction — How to react to conditional offers

      Style — Maintaining your cool throughout the bidding process

      Cultural Differences — What different approaches work in different countries

Part 6: Concluding the Negotiations

      Language — The language of «closing» the deal

      Interaction — Keeping up a rapport with others until the end

      Style — Maintaining that professional style right up to the end

      Cultural Differences — How deals are closed by different cultures

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