The Lingva Document Writing Skills Course

The aim of this course is to assist employees in improving their writing at work: it utilizes a hands-on applicable method of taking students step by step through a number of phases of practical business writing.

 Preparatory Stages before Writing the Document

      Students need to understand that the actual writing is not the first step in producing an effective piece of written communication: before writing there is planning, and if the planning is done properly, the writing itself comes easier. In this initial phase, the trainer takes students through the fundamentals of creative planning which covers:


A systematic approach to producing a business text.

     How to specify the aim of the report.

     How to identify the readership.

     How to select and structure information.

     How to formulate a subject heading.

     How to decide upon presentation techniques.


Arranging a business document for effective reading.

     How the language content and information within the report are determined by the aim.

     A technique for formulating an appropriate subject heading.


Controlling information to suit the reader and the aim.

     Consider various sources of information.

     Select precise elements of this information.

     Group details under different topics.


The Lingva Document Writing Skills Course Continued: The Actual Writing of the Document.

In this phase of study students start the actual writing process. They get to know the purpose of business writing, and how to pay particular attention to the following:

     Suitable style and tone.                                     Carefully organized information.

     Correct grammar and spelling.                        Logically connected ideas.

Writing in the business world: achieving a tone to suit the business reader.

     How good writers in the business world choose their words?

     How good writers achieve the goal of communication?

     How to write upwards and downwards without offending the reader.

     How to analyze your relationship with your reader(s) and then to choose the appropriate language and tone for your message.


Developing a style for business writing.

     Why it is difficult to develop an effective writing style, especially for non-native English speakers.

     Why in business you cannot write the way you speak.


Connecting ideas logically and effectively.

     How to use language techniques to connect ideas logically and effectively.

     How to join similarities, compare and contrast certain facts, introduce the next topic, offer a supporting idea, and refer to previously presented facts.

     How to present different shades of argument logically in order to make a recommendation.

     How to develop the ability to emphasize certain facts and «bury» others.


Purposefully directing the reader’s attention.

     How to make the topic and aim of the report clear, not only for the writer, but also the reader.

     How to organize and lay out the information.

     How to include only relevant information and eliminate redundancies.

     How to achieve a tone and a level of formality which reflect the relationship between the writer and the reader.

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